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Too much stuff - Confessions of a shopaholic

Too much stuff - Confessions of a shopaholic

 Along came the Corana Quarantine and suddenly I am spending a lot of time cooped up at home with a small baby and a toddler, which is a whole other issue. So I did, what I always do when I feel like I am losing control. I had a good clearing out session. This usually involves tearing apart all the contents of mine and the children’s wardrobes and making piles of keep, maybe, doesn’t fit anymore but keep, second hand and throw away. It is my weak attempt at streamlining my life.

Okay, here is my confession: I am a shopaholic. I love clothes and I love dressing my children. I love materials and quality items. Fashion also gives me joy, there are some items that just make my day when I wear them. At the same time just like I would love to be far more organised than I am, I would also like to live in a clean minimalistic stylish environment. I hate it when surfaces are not clear and a space is too cramped. Clearly this is a total conflict with the fact that I keep accumulating more things. And more colourful things I might add. Some myself and some as presents from friends and family for the children. But honestly mostly it is my own fault. Eventually I always get swamped with too many things that are cluttering my apartment. So I am sitting there amongst huge mountains of clothes and toys and feel just a little guilty.

When it comes to my children I cannot help myself but somehow where there is at least a little bit of restraint in spending money for myself, if it is for my babies it doesn’t count. Firstly, a lot of it was also a trial and error. At the beginning when pregnant with my daughter, I did not know what I needed and what I didn’t. So I listened to all the baby checklists, bought it all and more. A lot of items landed in my basket because I thought they would be useful or necessary. And then came those items, that were ”oh so cute”. Before my daughter was even born she had a wardrobe as big as mine. I also totally underestimated how many items you additionally get (and usually don’t want or need) as presents. And then you end up buying even more because the items that are actually useful you somehow amongst all the incredible amount of stuff you don’t have enough of.

I became one of the best supplier for the lovely Baby Second Hand around the corner. There are still items now with my second child, that I am bringing them. If I didn’t put it on the first and neither on the second, it is time to let it go. Though admittedly, I never really leave with money but end up swapping many for a few nicer ones. I tell myself at least I am reducing quantity and increasing quality. I’d say I have improved, but I really haven’t. Instead I am honing in on products that I just love. I have now found my children’s style, the colours, materials and brands I like. Perhaps it has become a little less but only because now I am buying quality  and just a little less quantity.

The upside for you is: if there is a product 1001 wishes puts in the box. I really have tried it and probably four more versions of it.

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