Our Story

Once upon a time...

...there were two friends, who were pregnant at the same time. These two could not have been any more different. One tall, blond,chaotic, and a total shopaholic; the other petite, brunette, perfectionist, and with a very clear sense of style.

The first raided every shop she could find that offered anything baby related. She bought every item of clothing, toys, accessories, every colour, every size and generally everything that she was told she needed or may need or perhaps just wanted because it was oh so cute. Additionally, friends and family added to this with mountains of gifts, wanted and unwanted. 

The other was totally overwhelmed by all the must have lists for newborns, so she decided to buy nothing at all. Instead she found a like-minded minimalist friend who lent her the second hand clothes her baby had grown out of. Noone, family or friends dared to give this perfectionist mum  gifts for birth, fearing that it might not be the right style.


So, whilst the first was drowning in her colourful mountain of tasteless baby items, wondering where she had lost her own sense of style or how she can still be a grown woman living in this baby bubble, the other started to realise that perhaps she did need a few products for her newborn and some advise which items would be best.

So the two of them found their way together and soon realised they were not that different after all. Both essentially wanted quality over quantity, good style, sustainability, natural materials, and products that are functionable as well. One brought her clear aesthetic eye and sense of style, the other her vast experience in product testing and functionality. Thus 1001 wishes was created. An online shop that makes life easy for every new parent and those searching for the perfect gift for birth.

Livia (Co-Founder)

Livia is responsible for the creative direction of the shop and its content, product selection and making sure that your child will be dressed as perfectly as you are! A designer through and through she is the stylish one. She ensures 1001 wishes stays as classy and minimalistic as she is. Years of working in the fashion industry and as a designer helps her to have an insight into production and recognise quality. Trust her to pick the good stuff. After moving several times between cities and countries without and with a child, she also learned the importance of not owning a lot, but the right stuff. Livia is passionate about design and her life revolves around aesthetics and perfectionism. She has found her own way of being a mom as well as herself compromising perfectionism and going with the flow.


Tez ( Co-Founder)

Tez is responsible for our website content, sales and product testing. As our resident shopaholic she is the one to ask about brands, shops and testing the products for babies. She really has tested everything with her children and now knows exactly what is useful and has proven lasting quality. She is the master of juggling and improvising whilst managing household, family, job and ever changing life plans. She would definitely like to be more organised, but when she ends up winging it one more time, she has a sense of humour about it.