Our Starter Checklist

We want to make your start as a new parent as easy as possible. Here you can find our Must Have Checklist of what you really need to buy before the baby is there as your starter set at the beginning of your journey. True to our motto: less is more, we have limited ourselves to listing only the items of clothing you really cannot go without. When it comes to Baby skincare we encourage you to seek the advice of your midwife, as they will know best. You can read more on our blog what our experiences and opinions are about toys, strollers, baby carriers, other accessories, and much more.

 What you will   need:   

4 long sleeve bodies
2 pyjamas
1 pair of tights
1 cardigan
2 jumpers
2 trousers
1 hat
1 pair of booties
2 pairs of socks

1 Nooshie blanket
3 Nooshie cuddle
1 knitted blanket
1 sleeping bag
1 playmat
1 baby carrier for newborn



You are almost entirely set with our starter wishes. If you realise you need a little more because you want to wash or change your baby more often, you can always buy what you need when the baby is there. Don’t forget you will also receive a plethora of gifts. So do not forget to tell friends and family about our mini wishes, which will fit perfectly together. Your loved ones will be grateful to know how they can make you happy.