Our 5 Midseason Rules

Baby news alert! After two summer babies and two winter babies, the 1001 wishes 5th baby addition will be born in the spring of 2022. For the first time we are facing mid season dressing for our Newborn. To help all of you new parents and helpful gift givers out there, here are the rules to remember so you cannot go wrong with even in the trickiest of all seasons:

More is more
Newborns cannot regulate their temperature, therefore always add one more layer than you think

Cover it up
choose long sleeves and pants to protect your baby's delicate skin from sun and cold weather

Layering is key
like an onion put several items of clothing on top of each other so you can adjust to the changing spring temperatures
Natural is best
wool materials like alpaca, merino or wool and silk have breathable qualities and will adjust to temperature.
Always carry spare
This really goes for all seasons because babies clothes always get wet or dirty, but even more so when temperatures are fluctuating you should alway have spare and extra dry clothes. 

And because everyone loves a checklist, here are the items we thing you should not be missing in your midseason wardrobe for your Newborn

1 Overall
1 Beanie
1 pair of tights
1 pair of booties
1 pair of knitted trousers
1 thick cardigan
1 warm blanket

As always you will find the fitting items already prepared in our loving boxes or as single items.