Our Values



Every single product has been tested by us and our children: we used them in every way possible, wore them, washed them, played with them, and passed them onto the next. We also consulted our network of experts such as midwives, professional child carers, PeKiP Specialists, and of course other parents. 
So you can really absolutely trust us, that we have taken exceptional care in our selection. To tell you more about each product and why exactly we selected it, we have written extensive product descriptions.


We strongly believe that long lasting quality and natural materials are quintessential to baby products. This is why you will only find the finest materials such as baby alpaca wool, organic cotton, bamboo, or wool and silk in our baby boxes.


We want to make life easy for new parents and their friends and family. We put a lot of thought into our selection so you do not have to. Without much searching, at 1001 wishes you will find perfectly curated starter sets and birth gifts.  


We stand for a timeless, minimalist, unassuming, and classical style. Simply put, the items we select are beautiful little pieces of art that fit everyone's taste and will also pass the test of time. So you cannot go wrong with one of our boxes as a birth gift or starter set for your newborn.


It is important to us that every item is not only beautiful, but also useful. We look at all criterias: is the product easy to wash?, easy to handle?, is it durable?, the colour appealing to adults and babies?, is it educational?, is the material soft on the skin and breathable?, will it grow a little?  and so on...


Sustainability to us means being mindful which product you select and how you take care of said product. We are vigilant to choose natural materials and producers whose values we can stand behind. Transparency in regards to the production and the relevant certificates are of great significance. Ultimately, high quality and taking good care of your items means that products last much longer and can be passed on through several children, which is the most beautiful form of sustainability.