Must Have Wishes - Newborn Giftbox

SFr. 89.00

Are you looking for a timeless birth gift that will complete the newborn's starter set? These are our Must Have clothing items that every parent will be glad to have for their baby.

This baby box includes:

1 Body
1 Pyjama
1 Pair of tights
1 Pacifier

Wrap  Body cotton
Serendipity has the softest organic cotton that also lasts, keeps shape and colour. The wrap design will make it easy for you to take it on and off for nappy changing, which is important at the beginning when your little one cannot support his head by himself. Serendipity’s sustainable production makes it safe for people, our environment and the delicate skin it will be worn on.

Brand: Serendipity
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Colour: grey
Size: 56

This pyjama will make sure your baby is wrapped up cozy and warm at night. You will want to keep your little one in this 24/7 because it is so comfy and soft. The Merino wool and silk material is breathable, heat regulating and has dirt repellent qualities.

Brand: Joha
Material: 85 % merino wool and 15 % silk
Colour: Off white
Size: 56/62

Cotton tights
Tights are a useful staple item which is essential for layering This is why we have chosen those by MP Denmark. We chose these from MP because with lots of washing they do not lose shape, colour, or texture and they are not too tight or have a rubber band at the top that will cut into your baby's belly.

Brand: MP Denmark
Material: 80% cotton 17% polyamide 3% elastane
Colour: light grey
Size: 60

We searched high and low for a pacifier that our children and us liked. The pacifier is made in one piece from natural rubber which is biodegradable and easy to clean. The edges are soft so the pacifier will not dig into the nose or cheeks. We have also chosen the orthodontic shape to prevent tooth misalignment. By the way Hevea sources its rubber from the "rubber trees" Hevea Brasiliensis.

Brand: Hevea
Material: 100% pure Hevea natural rubber
Colour:  grey