Marsupi Baby Carrier

SFr. 29.00 SFr. 65.00

Brand: Marsupi
Material: 100% Organic Cotton, hypoallergenic buttons and vegan leather tags, filling 100% polyester
Colour: natural and black
Size: S/M, L 

A carrier is essential so your baby can stay close to you whilst you have your hands free. The Marsupi baby carrier is perfect for the first couple of months and can be used for Newborns. It is light, breathable and easy to handle. It wraps up small so you can just throw it into your bag or stroller. It is very easy to clean as you can just wash it in the Washing machine.
The carrier has no padding so it is not bulky and you can wear coats or jackets over the top. Both parents will want to take your little one everywhere in the Marsupi carrier. Here you may also find the instructions directly from

Marsupi sits on the wearer’s waist and not on the hips. Measure the waist of both parents in order to figure out your size and if in doubt, rather size down:

S/M fits waists between 65 and 100 cm.
L fits waists between 75 and 105 cm

Washing Instructions: Always close hook and loop before washing. Wash by hand using a baby detergent or use a gentle wash cycle at a maximum of 30°C. Do not iron.