Hand-knitted Baby Alpaca Booties grau

SFr. 35.00

Product Description: Newborns often have cold feet and hands as they still have low blood pressure. Keep your little one's feet warm with these adorable knitted booties. Each pair is hand-knitted and comes with a label featuring the name of the knitter.

Product Details: Size: 56 Brand: myalpaca Copenhagen Color: cream or grey

Materials: Baby Alpaca wool (Oeko-Tex Standard 100)

Care Instructions: The lovingly hand-knitted pieces from myalpaca Copenhagen can be washed cold and by hand or in the washing machine using the delicate cycle. To preserve the items for as long as possible, we recommend washing them as infrequently as possible and instead airing them out after use. Gently rub stains with the same material. Do not spin too strongly or tumble dry.