Wollwalk Jumpsuit

SFr. 90.00

This super soft merino wool Winter Jumpsuit is the most wonderful allrounder in all seasons when it gets cold to keep little ones cosy. Our winter babies had this on every single day in the cold season. It is soft and has two zippers which make it ultimately easy to put on and take off. The legs and arms can even be folded over so your little one will not have chilly tootsies. It is also not bulky at all, so pairs well if the little one is in a baby carrier or in the stroller even with a warm footmuff.

Brand: Joha
Material: 100 % Merino Wool Fleece
Colour: dark grey

Size: 60 We have chosen the jumpsuit to be on the larger size, because it is intended even for the bigger Newborns to last an entire cold season. 

Care instructions: 
The natural material contains a high content of lanolin therefore it does not take on much washing instead air out the item and rub out stains. It also does not take on smells or dirt. To maintain the fabric and these wonderful qualities, wash by hand or on the wool cycle in the machine using wool specific detergent.