Baby Cardigan

SFr. 63.00 SFr. 75.00

The perfect top layer at all times. When your baby is not moving much yet and spends most time lying on her back, a cardigan is more useful as something warm to put on with buttons at the front. This way your little one will be lying comfortably without any hard buttons digging into her back. The advantage of a knit cardigan is also that it will grow with your baby. This cardigan from FUB is knitted in a soft half cardigan stitch. FUBs Organic cotton is cultivated and harvested from non-genetically modified plants, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Don’t you just want one in your size too?

Brand: FUB
Material: organic cotton
Colour: camel
Size: 56, tends to be slightly larger 

Care instructions: FUB Cotton is fully machine washable, but we recommend washing on delicate cycle to preserve the softness. We recommend washing cotton at maximum 30 degrees using a mild detergent that preserves both the colours and the natural fibers.

We don’t recommend using a tumble dryer! Dry your cottons by laying them flat on a towel to absorb any extra moisture, whilst gently reshaping them. Knits can be heavy when wet so drying them over a rail or hanging them will pull them out of shape.