Joha Wool Walk Overall Cream

SFr. 68.00

Product description: So chic and comfortable, we would love to snuggle in it ourselves. The buttery-soft Merino wool jumpsuit with the smart buttons is easy to put on and take off. It keeps your little one wonderfully warm without being bulky. Our babies wore it every day outside when it was a bit cooler. Your baby will still fit perfectly in the carrier, and even in the stroller with a footmuff.

Product details: Size: 50 (intended for newborn babies, slightly large, should also fit larger newborns), Brand: Joha, Colour: Cream

Materials: 100% Merino Wool Fleece

Care instructions: The motto is clear: less is more! The high lanolin content in the wool walk makes it dirt and odour repellent. To maintain this, we recommend washing as little as possible and rather spot cleaning and airing. If washing becomes necessary, it's best to do it by hand or in the cold or 30°C wool wash cycle. Please use a wool detergent.