Hand-knitted Baby Alpaca Trousers

SFr. 66.00

Product Description: The trousers were hand-knitted by women in Peru using baby alpaca wool. The trousers are buttery soft, cosy, warm, and breathable. Perfect for quickly putting on when it gets chilly. The beauty of knitwear is that the trousers will stretch and grow with the baby, fitting for a long time.

Product Details: Size: 62. Brand: myalpaca Copenhagen. Color: cream and light gray.

Materials: Baby Alpaca Wool Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Care Instructions: The lovingly hand-knitted pieces from myalpaca Copenhagen can be washed cold and by hand or in the washing machine using the gentle cycle. To keep the items in the best possible condition, we recommend washing them as infrequently as possible and instead airing them out after use and gently rubbing stains with the same material. Knits should not be spun too forcefully or dried in the dryer.