Kostenloser Versand ab 100 CHF innerhalb der Schweiz!!! Kostenloser Versand ab 100 CHF für Bestellungen innerhalb der Schweiz!!!


Dear 1001 Wishes Family..

Dear 1001 Wishes Family..

We are slowing down for just a minute! Whilst the online shop with the current products will remain, the new products launch and social media will be on hold for now. Two women, five children under five, two relationships, our health, two households and a StartUp. We have been trying to keep all these balls up in the air. This has been getting harder recently.⁠

Please excuse us while we pick up those balls and take our time to prioritise our families and especially our children because in the end: they only have one childhood. ⁠

We will come back with a newly organised even better shop, more single items,new boxes and a few surprises. We only want to show you the absolute best...so please be patient and watch this space for an all new refresh of 1001 Wishes.

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